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Everybody’s entitled to life’s little delights. Our Specialty is the baked goods company for those who choose to savor life’s simple pleasures – and who love to celebrate every occasion, big and small.

A pause for moments big and small.

Everyday is a journey chockful of delicious possibilities. The places we go and the things we see come together to flavor our world. But sometimes, it’s the breaks between the hustle and the bustle where the real wonder is found. At Our Specialty, it’s our personal mission to bring you those moments of pause—and to make each one a bite more delightful.

Through our two specialty lines, Treat Shop and Bake House, we offer you many sweet and savory ways to make every moment a little bit richer. Treat Shop cakes and cookies make any minute worthy of rich indulgence—from a birthday, to a Thursday. Because we believe treats should always be occasion-worthy, but never occasional!

And Our Bakehouse breads and rolls add a fresh flavor to breakfast, dinnertime, or breaktime. Whether you’re enjoying a morning moment, in the heart of the day, or heading home to family, you always have license to pause.

Freshly crafted, affordable, and delicious, Our Specialty sweet treats and baked goods—which you can find in-store and online—help you create moments to breathe, to sigh, and to savor every smile. And in this wild world, that’s a reason to celebrate.

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Gluten-Free Fudge Brownie, Individually Wrapped
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