Give Bakery Because

Easy-to-create gift ideas to celebrate little moments in life, using delicious products from the bakery department in your favorite grocery store.



A box of sweet middles

A box of sweet middles makes a great gift for someone special in your life!

Tie it with a Bow!

Plated deliciousness wrapped with a bow!

Sweet Middles Gift Cup

Put your own touch on Sweet Middles and make the gift that much more special.

Cookie CD

Create a cute easy gift for anyone using a CD sleeve, twine and your favorite cookies for your local grocery store bakery.

sweet middles in a bag

Whether the occasion is big or small, sweet middles in a bag with a custom label is a perfect gift. Get creative with the label and put your personal touch on it.

A gift for the special someone

Valentines day gift for that special someone

Everything is Better Dipped!

We like our martini glasses filled with icing! What do you choose?

Enjoy For Breakfast or Dessert!

Enjoy a morning coffee filled with delicious treats!


Ball Jars are great for gifting.

Ball Jar Cupcake

Cupcakes from your favorite grocery store wrapped up in a Ball jar with a bow!

Wrapped With Your Personal Touch!

Wrap up your favorite store bought cookies and gift to that special someone

Solo Cup Cupcake

Birthday party favors or just because gifting, this is a perfect idea! Buy cupcakes from your favorite grocery bakery department, fill bottom of solo cup with M&M’s, wrap in cellophane and seal with cute decorative tape.